The practical application of the Australian Demeter Biodynamic Method of farming

Learn from our farmers, with over 30 years experience farming the Australian Demeter Method at our Introductory practical field day.

What its all about..

Bio-Dynamic Agriculture is an enhanced organic farming method introduced by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. It was introduced as a method to counter soil degeneration, poor plant and animal health and other farming problems that occurred since the introduction of artificial fertilisers and farm chemicals.

In Australia, in the early 1950's, Alex Podolinsky set about making the method a practical system, suitable for all areas of agriculture and horticulture productions. In the early 1960's he founded the Biodynamic Agriculture Association of Australia (BDAAA), which today, by landmass, is the largest natural farming body on earth. 

The method developed its recognition worldwide as the Australian Demeter Biodynamic Method and has been adopted by farmers from many countries.

Topics Covered:

  • History and Development of Bio-Dynamic Farming
  • Plant feeding within nature
  • Soil Cultivation, to improve soil structure
  • Soil humus formation and microbial activity
  • Bio-Dynamic plant expression
  • Using Bio-Dynamic preparation 500
  • Prepared 500 (Podolinsky introduced - 500 plus 502-507)
  • Using Bio-Dynamic preparation 501
  • Stirring and Applying the Bio-Dynamic preparations
  • Sheet Composting and Green Manures
  • Bio-Dynamic pasture management 

Activities will include:

  • Participatory demonstration of stirring and spraying preparations 
  • Farm walk showing Bio-Dynamic results and discussing practical aspects of Bio-Dynamic farming
  • Quality Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic preparations will be on display
  • Morning Tea and/or lunch can be pre booked at our Cider Lounge - This is booked separately to field day registration

When & Where:

Saturday 24th July 2021, at Mock Red Hill.

1103 Mornington Flinders Road, Red Hill VIC 3937

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For more information on events and education to the Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic Method and a full list of Introductory Field Days for 2021 visit  Learning & Events – Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic

*Field Days are aimed toward commercial farmers looking to start their journey to becoming certified Demeter Bio-Dynamic*

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Successful Completion..

Of an Introductory Practical Field Day facilitates full membership of the appropriate Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic farming/growing organisation. Information and applications forms will be available on the day.